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What Dermatitis Sufferers Say:

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Debbie Kontos
Leland, IL

I have been combating contact dermatitis for a year now. I have had shots, so many steroid creams and ointments from the Drs, so much medication you would never believe this battle I have been through. I have had the use of so many steroid creams that it has worn my skin thin. If I so much as rub my skin I bleed. I have had a flare up again which started over the weekend and again have an appt. with the Dr. To get some relief I went to the drug store today and asked the pharmacist if there was anything he could suggest just till my appt. on Wednesday. Being a customer for many years he took one look at my arms and hands and said he would not suggest a thing till the Dr. looked at it because he knows the problems I have had. He just could not believe it is happening again. Upon his advice as I was leaving the store I saw a free sample and took it. I was not going to use it but thought what more harm could anything do at this point.

So I put Gloves In A Bottle on and for the first time in days, I do not itch!! My hands and arms are not burning and the swelling of my fingers went down. I am keeping my fingers crossed. It feels so good on my skin, I am going to buy a bottle tomorrow first thing in the morning. You can bet I will be informing my Dr. of this product.

John at Lehman Drug
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

We had a customer who had had dermatitis for 15 years � we gave him a sample of Gloves In A Bottle. All the medicines from all his doctors helped but it always came back. Not only did Gloves In A Bottle clear it up, but it stayed gone!

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